In our butik you will find a varied range of different alpaca products. From raw wool and yarn to jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, cuddly toys and much more. In addition to our own farm products, you will also find products from several other manufacturers.

Characteristics of alpaca yarn

Alpacas belong to the New World Camelid family and originally come from the harsh mountains of the Peruvian Andes. Their fibers are among the most valuable and precious natural fibers. They are warm, silky soft and have a natural sheen. The air inside the fibers supports the thermal properties of the materials, which are cooling in summer and warming in winter. Alpaca fibers are also hypoallergenic.

Characteristics of alpaca keratin soaps

The soaps are made in Germany in a soap factory using traditional handcraft. They include highly refined vegetable fats (e.g. shea butter, olive oil) and the keratin of alpaca fibres as a nurturing component. Alpaca fibres consist of 90% keratin, a highly resistant fibre protein that gives the hair elasticity and resilience and contributes to the regeneration of skin and nails. The soaps are free from animal fats, additives and palm oil. The soap factory offers the production of soaps from its own alpaca fibres. This means that each of our soaps contains a small part of our alpacas.

Opening hours and informationen

Here you can find our current opening hours. These may vary depending on the season or special events. We are open 2024 from 1 june till 29 september.

Saturday 11:00 to 16:00 
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On request it is possible to visit our butik during the week.

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